Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Ra Ra Research 2

Oh, the other thing last night that was quite fun was talking to the recruiter, who told me how things had changed in the industry. Seems she has been doing it for twenty-odd years, and has noticed a real change in what we as an industy want.

Specifically, she started going on about ridiculously specific recruitment criteria

My favourite was men with less than 5cm of hair. What! How you supposed to recruit that one? And whats the difference between a man with 5cm of hair and 6cm?
(I should say at this point I have a very full head of hair, so to any and all baldys out there, ha ha!)

Also, she spoke about how absurd the tests were to measure creativity - 'give me 5 things to do with a brick' etc. According to her, people's ability to spontaneously answer questions like that in no way dictates their ability to contribute to a group as she doesn't have to measure the quality of their answer, just the quantity; give five and your in, but the person who thinks about it and gives one kick-ass answer? Sorry, not 'creative' enough.

Whats worse is some agencies give three or four of these questions, so every time she recruits she has to test them for 20 minutes on their creativity! Perhaps not surprising they don't respond in the groups when you've been put through the hoops just to get there...

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